Homeowner in difficulty: avoid over-indebtedness!

Are you a victim of over-indebtedness? Do you have problems with bailiffs and / or are you on file with the Capital Lender? If the answer is “yes” then read the following carefully as it may help you solve your problems.

How do you wonder? By taking out a loan for a homeowner in difficulty.

It is not because you have temporary financial worries that you have to think that everything is finished and that there are no solutions to get out of it. It’s time to react and get out of this financial mess.

There are 2 possibilities:

  • Homeowners’ credit in the form of a mortgage loan for real estate
  • Homeowner’s credit in the form of a mortgage for movable purposes

The goal is determined according to the debts taken over. We speak of a real estate goal when at least 50% of the amount requested via the new credit concerns the repayment of debts for real estate purposes such as a mortgage loan, a renovation loan, etc.

Credit for struggling homeowners: advantages

Credit for struggling homeowners: advantages

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the benefits to which you can claim thanks to this credit formula:

  • You can combine several credits
  • Your disputes will be closed definitively
  • Your National Bank filing will be noted as regularized
  • One year after the act, your file will disappear from the BNB
  • If you have a wage attachment, it will be lifted
  • Bailiffs who harass you will be paid in full
  • All your debts will be discharged
  • You can get out of the collective debt settlement (if applicable)
  • Several goods can be put in guarantee (for multi-owners)

Its disadvantages

Its disadvantages

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages which luckily will only be temporary.

  • Your interest rate will be above average
  • You must have been an owner for several years
  • The maximum loan amount will be severely limited

Moreover, for this last point, the quota will be limited in the best of cases to 80% of the current sale value of your real estate or properties.

Interested in homeowner credit?

Interested in homeowner credit?

Do not wait any longer to free yourself from all your constraints and regain a taste for life.

Loan calculation

Regarding the credit for homeowners in difficulty for movable purpose, you can perform a liquidity loan simulation online, the simulator will give you precisely the monthly payment of your future loan, the rate applied, the maximum authorized duration and the total cost of your credit.

Documents for the constitution of your file

Documents for the constitution of your file

Here are the documents necessary for the constitution of your credit file for owner in difficulty:

  • Front / back copy of identity cards
  • Last 3 pay slips
  • Latest bank statement for all other income (unemployment, family allowances, mutual benefit, alimony, etc.)
  • Copy of the title deed (purchase act)
  • Copy of mortgage
  • Statement of personal credits to be reimbursed
  • Last overview received for each credit card to be reimbursed
  • Copy of your fire insurance contract

Other documents may be added depending on the main purpose of the loan request.

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